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Support and Body Contour

For any person who suffers from poor sleep, the ongoing general lethargy, mental and physical fatigue that follows it has severe detrimental consequences on your health. Lack of good sleep has also been related to various other conditions which include high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems among others who experience unsettled and poor nights of sleep, then a memory foam mattress topper, could be your solution for providing relief. This type of help enables your body to relax completely, as every part of it will benefit from the cradling affect produced.

Any particular points of pressure placed on your body, are relieved by an innovative absorption process which induces motion separation. This is especially valuable for couples sharing a bed, because any movement or continued restlessness from one partner is neutralised by the mattress.

Various studies have shown that the average sleeping person, changes their position about eighty times during the night.  This is an indication of how much movement and disturbance is endured during a supposedly restful night sleep. Multiply this situation by two partners and there is a greater perception of why mental and physical fatigue is present the following morning. Adding to this is the realisation that this discomforting motion is caused by the body receiving pressure from underneath by the influence of a normal foam mattress. The points of pressure cause constriction of the blood circulation, resulting in pain, numbing of joints and muscles and general discomfort.

Special Qualities of Memory Foam Mattresses

One of the benefits of a memory foam mattress topper is that it generally has a greater density than other foam mattress products. It provides greater support for the user and could be regarded as a positive compromise between soft mattress comfort and the more supportive firm one.  The degree of firmness created by this mattress type is determined by the indentation force deflection capacity of the foam, known as the “IFD” rating. Most of these mattresses vary between semi-rigid at “IFD 12” and a firm “IFD 16”.

The cell structures of memory foam are open, which therefore reacts to the heat of the body and its weight. A body moulding affect is created, helping to relieve any points of pressure, which in turn prevents bed sores and other complaints. Most memory foam has a similar basic chemical composition, but mattresses will feel different because of the variations in density and layer thickness of the foam.

Breathing Memory Foam Comfort

The variation of the structure of the foam cells is between wide open to practically closed, which means that tighter is the structure of the cells, less air will flow through the foam.  Your memory foam mattress topper will permit a greater through-flow of air, with improved recovery, although the structure of the cells does not greatly influence the rate of the recovery position. The quantity of memory foam also determines the capabilities of a mattress or topper, with any size fewer than 2 inches having little effect. A 6 inches size however, would produce a product that would be too soft and dense for a comfortable sleep. Therefore, every mattress is a combination of height, density and type, with each one containing particular properties.

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