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Looking for a cheap memory foam mattress ? Believe it or not N.A.S.A. at its Ames Research Centre actually developed what we now know as memory foam, back in 1966. The research that led to the invention of the foam was all to do with making aircraft cushions safer. It wasn’t until the 1980s that N.A.S.A. allowed the process into the public domain. A company was formed by two of the leading scientists on the project to commercialize the substance. Its most useful applications are in the areas of medicine and sport. Many hospital bed mattresses and pillows are made of it, as well as wheelchair cushions. Using a memory foam mattress or pillow helps many long term patients. Because it adapts to the body’s form it gently moulds itself around the person. This reduces pressure, especially on parts of the body that have less flesh or fat covering it. As a result there are less bed sores and less risk of gangrene. It also retains warmth better. In sport its application is mostly as padding in equipment for contact sports, such as American Football helmets. Many educational toys are now made using memory foam.

It is made of polyurethane with some added chemicals that only scientists or engineers would be interested in knowing about. Most of us only care what it does. It does have different densities and those are measured by what is called I.F.D. or Indentation Force Deflection. It’s all very technical and nerdish to describe the force it takes to compress it and how long it takes to regain its original shape. Density also equates with firmness.

It must be noted that new mattresses or pillows give off a whiff of chemicals, which has been described as the smell of recently applied paint. This will fade with a decent airing. Unfortunately, for people who have sensitive respiratory conditions this foam can cause more irritation than other types of mattresses. It is also not a good idea to use memory foam mattresses or pillows for babies or infants. Because of its elastic and moulding properties children may run the risk affixation in their sleep. The good news is that they are now highly resistant to naked flames. Less likely to attract mildew or dust mites. It has also come to light that asthma sufferers have fewer attacks during the night with this type of bedding. Cheap memory foam mattresses are a godsend for many.

Other claims are that foam memory mattresses help prevent backache. It allows an even weight distribution. No sagging. Whereas normally a person’s body would accommodate itself to the mattress, foam memory acts in the opposite way by adapting itself to the person. People suffer less restless nights using foam memory mattresses. In fact, they get better age, softer. It is now quite easy to find good quality, but cheap foam memory mattresses. Over the years, because of its popularity, the prices have come down considerably. Some companies even offer a 60 day trial !

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