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Memory Foam Mattresses are creeping into more and more houses throughout the world, they have become popular over the last few years as the price is starting to come down.


Memory Foam was first developed in the 1960’s by NASA, the idea came about when they had to make cushioning for the Astronauts, the padding had to be comfortable as they were sat in one place for a long time during launch and re entry into the earths atmosphere, and also conventional foam or padding wasn’t up to the task of being comfortable when the astronauts experienced lift off with the G Force pushing them back into their seats.

So, NASA with its almost endless budget, spent a lot of time and money developing “Visco Elastic Foam” or,  Memory Foam to you and me. Now this was great for your Multi Billion Dollar enterprise, but no so good for your average citizen.


In the 1980’s NASA released its findings into the world, and Fagerdala World Foams was one of the few companies willing to work with the foam, as the manufacturing process proved long winded and sometimes unreliable. In 1991 they finally released a product, the "Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress" which eventually led to the mattress and cushion company, Tempur World.

This brought the world of memory foam mattresses to hospitals and care wards where patients were often bed ridden and the memory foam helped relive pressure points and bed sores. Other early uses were for wheelchair cushions and cervical cushions, which helped with chronic neck pain, and with memory foams amazing ability to hold head, it also helped with back and neck issues too.


In the late 90’s memory foam was brought to the working man, but it took a while before anyone started really using memory foam mattresses in their homes, as they were extremely expensive still, and considered a luxury few could afford.

Jump forward to today, and you can pretty much walk into any mattress or bed store and buy a memory foam mattress, but, why settle for any, when you can buy the best memory foam mattress online from us, at the best possible prices, with no hassle and delivered to your door ready to be un-rolled.

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