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Why spend hundreds of pounds buying a brand new mattress, when you can do something much more affordable and still be happy with the results? Believe it or not, you can just buy a memory foam mattress topperand extend your mattress's life while saving money at the same time. Plus, you won't have to buy another mattress for another few years this way - believe it.



So, how do memory foam mattresses work anyway and why do you need to learn about it? Well, in case you didn't know yet, memory foam was actually developed in the 60s by NASA because they wanted to come up with better cushions for their astronauts' seats. Two decades after that, though, a company called Tempur Pedic started to manufacture memory foam, as well, and ever since then, more and more manufacturing companies have jumped onto the bandwagon of making them.



In a nutshell, memory foam works by compressing small cells inside the foam whenever pressure is placed anthem. Unlike normal foam, memory foam actually stays compressed for longer periods of time and it isn't dry or springy like regular foam, either. It feels a bit sticky and wet, too, and it isn't abrasive like regular foam tends to be.



The cells that can be found inside memory foam also flatten out, depending on your body heat and your body weight. However, they do work independently. So, if you place a hand on it with your fingers apart, for instance, the foam will only compress where the contact with your fingers is actually being made. This happens to be great for people who suffer from back pain because the foam can relieve the pressure points in the back by ensuring that the areas that are made in contact with are the only ones that are supported in the long run.



Now that you know how memory foam works, you should know that it is a very affordable choice, as well. Mattresses can cost up to £1000, right? Well, believe it or not, you can get a much better experience while sleeping just by shelling out £40-£60 (for a 1 inch thick mattress topper). All you have to do is buy a memory foam topperand fit it over your current mattress. This will, in essence, give you a sleeping experience similar to the experience that a brand new mattress would give you. How great is that?



The best news is that it is extremely easy to find an affordable memory foam topper in today's market, and toppers tend to last a very long time, too. You will even notice a significant difference in the way that you sleep if you use one. In general, a thicker topper and a heavier mattress would be the best combination of all, but this will naturally cost you bit more, as well. However, if your budget permits it and if you value your sleep more than anything else, then a thick topper and heavy mattress would be well worth the monetary investment in the long run. Think about it.

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