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The problem with your conventional spring and coil mattress is that it can often only last for a few years before it develops lumps and becomes very uncomfortable to sleep on. Many people tend to ignore this, at the expense of the quality of their sleep, but there’s no need to because if you can get a memory foam mattress then your problems will fade away. However you have to make sure that you get the best memory foam mattress possible or it won’t solve your issues.




One of the massive drawbacks of a memory foam mattress is that all of them contain chemicals; the chemicals are why they have their unique qualities. But the problem with this is that even the best memory foam mattress may have chemicals which some people are allergic to. One of the most common chemicals, which cause allergic reactions, is formaldehyde so check the label before purchasing one of these mattresses.




Density is one of the most important parts of a memory foam mattress. Looking at the quality and the price of memory foam mattresses, we can see that there is a positive correlation between quality, price, and density. It should be noted that density is influenced by the weight of the mattress, and these measurements can usually be found on the label.


Life Span


Directly related to density, the life span of a memory foam mattress is reliant on how dense the mattress is. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the density, the longer the lifespan of the mattress. An average four pound mattress is expected to last between three and five years so use this as your standard indicator.


Tried and Tested


While it might be easier to just purchase a mattress online, the truth is you don’t know if the mattress will suit you until you try it out. The problem is that once you have it you are stuck with it so it’s highly recommended that you go to a local store when purchasing a mattress so you can test out multiple versions in the store; this way you will be able to find the best memory foam mattress for you.


Indent Load Deflection (ILD)


The Indent Load Deflection is designed to measure how springy a mattress is. While in no way pointless, it has no application to a memory foam mattress because these mattresses are supposed to shape and mould itself to your body shape. The ILD rating is designed to be used with coil and spring mattresses so don’t let any salesperson convince you otherwise.


Warranty and Returns


Always check the warranty and return policy for the store in question because if you have problems somewhere down the line then you can quickly find yourself as one of the many people who have been left out of pocket when purchasing a mattress. Make sure anything you are told is in writing because a salesperson’s word is not a binding agreement which you can rely on in the future.

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