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If you want to own a memory foam mattress but still love sleeping on a spring mattress, then there is a way. Welcome to a new era of sleeping technology; where spring meets foam. Both pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses have their advantages, but a combination of the two can prove to be the basis for one of the best night’s sleep ever. So it is up to you to decide: Pocket sprung and memory foam mattress – is this the future?

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are famed for their body-healing abilities and their comfort and support. The memory foam responds to both your weight and your body heat, which means that when you lie down for the night, the foam adjusts itself using the change in temperature and pressure and moulds itself around your body’s contours.

Memory foam’s self-moulding abilities allows your weight to be distributed evenly, which aligns your spine and gives you great support while you sleep. This also means that less stress is put on your pressure points and that you won’t toss and turn in the night. The overall relaxation that memory foam provides means that your muscles and relaxed, allowing for good circulation.

Benefits of Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses hold their own individual springs in each section of the mattress. This means that the springs are independent of one another and therefore longer lasting. Sprung mattresses are also easy to maintain, and generally quite cheap.

When you lie on your back on a spring mattress, the amount of springs provide a good firmness which allows great back support. This can provide great alignment for your spine which is great for reducing back pain.

Combining Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattress – Is this the Future?

Memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses both have many individual advantages, but when put together, they can offer you the best night’s sleep in the world. The pocket sprung and memory foam mattress is generally made of a pocket sprung base with a thin layer of memory foam on the top – the thickness of each of these layers will vary from brand to brand, so feel free to choose which you like best.

Whilst the soft yet dense memory foam works to give the mattress a soft topping, the pocket springs offer a complex support system. The memory foam is a soft, quilted layer that uses its body moulding and pressure responsive capabilities to relieve bodily tensions, cradle your body, and improve your circulation.

So if you are wondering “pocket sprung and memory foam mattress – is this the future?” then you should consider the many benefits that this mattress has to offer. It is the perfect combination of soft and firm and its comprehensive support system means that you will have many a restful night’s sleep.

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