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If budget plays a major part in your purchase decisions and you want to buy a new bed, then you will find that a cheap memory foam mattress has far more benefits than any variety of spring mattresses out there.

Although various memory foam critics would accuse memory foam mattresses of being some of the most expensive products on the market, a good quality pocket sprung mattress can cost thousands. For the same quality and for a lot less money, even a cheap memory foam mattress can provide you with a better night’s sleep. This is because memory foam mattresses are able to:

  • Mould to your body
  • Relieve pressure and pain
  • Adapt to temperature
  • Last a long time

Mould to Your Body – The adaptability of the memory foam is designed to mould itself around any body shape. This means that as it cradles your contours, it evenly distributes your weight across the mattress, making your sleep a lot more comfortable.

Relieve Pressure and Pain – When your weight is forced down on your pressure points, it can make you toss and turn during the night or leave you in pain the next morning. The reason why a cheap memory foam mattress is better than any spring mattress is that memory foam aligns your body so that your weight isn’t forced onto any one particular spot, and you can have a still and restful night.

Adapt to Temperature – Memory foam has been created to change according to your weight and body heat. When you lie on the mattress, the heat of your body makes the foam position itself around your curves, making it an overall softer yet supportive sleeping surface.

Lasts a Long Time – Memory foam can last a decade or two, making the purchase of this type a far more cost effective sleeping solution.

The reasons why a cheap memory foam mattress is better than any spring mattress also comes from the fact that spring mattresses can have harmful effects on your health due to pressure from its springs. They are also bad value for money because of their short life span:

Pressure from Springs – The resistance of the springs that give a spring mattress its buoyancy is very short lived. Although a new spring mattress may appear to be durable and well cushioned, springs lose their flexibility, and eventually will pop out of place. Some even can dangerously cut through the mattress.

Short Life span – The lack of long-lasting springs can also have an effect on how long a mattress lasts. A spring mattress at full buoyancy can only last a few years (a lot less than a memory foam mattress) and will become lumpy after just a couple of years. If you sleep in one place on the mattress, the springs will become less resistant in that one place which can cause the mattress to sag.

Overall, the reason why a cheap memory foam mattress is better than any spring mattress is obvious– they are durable, adaptable and generally more comfortable than any spring mattress.

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