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Although the majority of the population are still sleeping on sprung mattresses, the rise in the popularity of the memory foam mattress is quickly and surely taking hold. There are many reasons for this, but it is its general ability to give your body full support while you sleep that makes it such a popular choice in so many households.

During your sleep, your body and mind have a chance to recover, repair and rejuvenate. Without a good night’s sleep, we aren’t giving our bodies enough time to mend themselves. Your sleeping time is when your brain allows information to soak in, making learning a lot easier. It also allows better concentration for the next day. Picking up new information and coming up with ideas all stems from having a good night’s rest too.

Firm mattresses are good for bodily support, and the best type of mattress you can get to provide this support is a memory foam type which is made of a firm yet compliant material. The reason why full body support is so important for sleep is to not only give you a comfortable night, but to also improve your overall health too. Although a solid mattress is great for support, an element of softness is also vital too – after all, your mattress should be the most relaxing place in your house!

A memory foam mattress that gives you the right amount of support is ideal for relieving tired muscles. The moulding of the foam means that your body can totally relax into it so that your muscles feel fully rejuvenated for another day’s activities.

Another reason why full body support is so important for sleep is that it can help relax your joints and muscles, and as a result improve your circulation. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, less strain is being placed on your muscles and joints and this means that your blood can easily circulate throughout your body.

It is therefore important that your memory foam mattress provides a lot of muscular support. A normal sprung mattress struggles to do this. Memory foam moulds around your body’s contours, aligns your spine and supports your joints and muscles so that your muscles don’t have to support themselves. When sleeping on a sprung mattress, many people find that their back muscles are constantly under strain during the night and never have a chance to relax fully, thus leading to various back problems.

Those who suffer from bodily aches have discovered why full body support is so important for sleep. Pain relief is one of the main advantages of a memory foam mattress, and it is firm yet soft feel that relieves any pressure points and stops your body aching.

Overall, bodily support while your sleep is crucial in ensuring your wellbeing and for living a healthy and fulfilling life.

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