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If you are a hardened athlete or just like to keep yourself fit, a memory foam mattress is the best solution for you if you want to improve performance. With a super-comfy mattress to fall into after a long day training, what’s stopping you? Sports people need sleep to fuel themselves both mentally and physically, so if you want to know why you perform better at sport after a good night sleep, read on...

Physical Strength

Taking part in any kind of sport is physically demanding. It is therefore vital that you get a full night’s sleep so that your body is fully rested. During the night when you sleep, a growth hormone is produced in your body. This chemical provokes a reaction in your body which allows your muscles to grow, thus increasing your strength.

Scientific studies have shown that hormones that are produced as you sleep also help repair muscles, strengthen your joints and bones and help speed up your muscular recovery. This means that you’ll be able to train hard and effectively on a continuous basis!

A reason why you perform better at sport after a good night sleep is that you are helping your heart. A long and restful sleep on a memory foam mattress will help you settle to sleep quickly and will also ensure that you have an uninterrupted night’s rest too. This will ultimately mean that your blood pressure is lowered and kept at a normal rate, therefore keeping your heart healthy.

Eating habits are an important factor in sport. If you are taking part in physical activities for the purpose of losing weight, then sleep is crucial if you want to see progress. Hormones that control appetite and cravings and produced when you sleep, without a proper night sleep, you are more likely to have erratic eating habits.

Focus and Concentration

Adapting to a new sporting technique may take time, but a solid night’s sleep can help you with your learning. When you sleep, information and skills you have acquired throughout the day are processed. This means that you will be able to remember different tactics, sports or moves used in your workout that day.

When you feel well rested, your body obviously feels energised, but also so does your mind. With a more energetic mind set you will be able to perform much better in your sport. An engaged mind will help you focus on your goal and ultimately help you achieve it.

So if you want to know why you perform better at sport after a good night sleep, the answer is that sleep is a vital part of any sports person’s lifestyle. Being cradled to sleep in your memory foam mattress allows your body to totally relax. Once relaxed, you will be able to let your body recover and repair itself ready for your next training session.

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