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If you love comfort whilst you sleep, you will love the memory foam mattress. Made firm yet with also enough softness to cradle you to sleep, memory foam mattresses are the greatest thing in sleeping technology, so if you want to experience extreme comfort, then look no further than memory foam.

Nobody likes crumbs in the bed, and no matter how great a memory foam might be, it would be hard to fall asleep on top of a layer of crumbs. But fear not – Hob Nob crumbs no longer have to be an issue when you’re sleeping on memory foam. The memory foam mattress is made up of a visco elastic material which is known for its high density.

The memory foam’s incredible density not only offers fantastic comfort and support, but it is also so easy to clean. By sweeping a vacuum cleaner (with soft brush attached) across the surface of your memory foam mattress you can keep all crumbs at bay. In fact, not only does vacuuming get rid of crumbs, it is also great for removing dead skin and hair.

On pocket sprung mattresses, dust mites can collect on and within the mattress surface. However, a memory foam mattress is dust and dust mite resistant, which is great for people who suffer from asthma attacks. Memory foam also keeps allergens away, which is beneficial if you are susceptible to allergic reactions.

To otherwise clean stains from your memory foam mattress (Hob Nob crumbs might soften and stain your mattress, who knows!) then you will first need to vacuum it. Placing it on a large plastic sheet out in your garden then spraying it with a garden hose and then spritzing it evenly with water and soap will ensure that it gets a good cleaning. Allow the soap-water mixture to sink into the mattress and then rinse your mattress, fold it to squeeze out the excess water and allow it to dry.

Memory foam mattresses are firm, a feature which makes them ideal for snacking in bed. Their firmness is due to their high density. Memory foam mattresses can come in a range of densities, but there is no such thing as the “perfect” mattress density. It is whatever suits you best.

It is the memory foam density which in fact makes it so easy to clean – its firm surface allows a tough enough area to sweep across to brush crumbs off, and its tightly packed foam particles don’t allow any crumbs to seep through either.

Overall, this is a good all round mattress – supportive for your back, adjustable to suit a range of body shapes, and easy to look after. A thorough cleaning process might seem a bit painstaking, but that just means you need to take extra care of it!

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