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Memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.  However, not everybody understands just what memory foam is or why it is beneficial.


Memory foam has been created from polyurethane, but in order to increase its density and viscosity, there have been some chemicals added.   This type of polyurethane might also be referred to as low-resilience polyurethane foam.  The foam works by reacting to heat from the body lying on it, so that within a few minutes it can mould itself to that shape.   Foam which has a lower density will be able to return to its own shape relatively quickly when any pressure on it is removed.  Some of the latest products in this range now have a much quicker ‘recovery’ time, but it depends upon the density of the individual mattress.


Memory foam was first developed back in the 1960s by scientists working for NASA.  The aim was originally to give aircraft cushions better safety levels.  The product underwent years of development work and was finally released for the public during the early 1980s.  In those early days only a few companies were able to make use of the technology as the process for manufacturing proved to be fairly difficult and not cost-effective.


In the early days these mattresses were used mainly in hospitals, clinics and care homes.  They proved to be the ideal solution for patients who needed to lie down for long periods of time.  Patients who remain immobile for hours at a time are at risk of developing pressure sores or conditions such as gangrene due to the pressure of the skin on the mattress.  The use of a memory foam mattress has been proven to reduce the possibility of this happening, making it easier for patients to get the rest that they need which in turn aids recovery from illness and injury.


Over the years as the manufacturing process has developed it has become much more affordable and many people are now opting for this type of mattress in their own homes.   In addition the foam can now also be used for a variety of other items such as pillows and toppers for mattresses – ideal for those who prefer not to have a complete mattress in this form.   It has also been used in cushions for wheelchairs and hospitals also have cushions designed to provide relief from pain in different parts of the body such as the back.  The foam also has the added benefit of retaining heat, which can also help when suffering from aches and pains.


The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated.  Those who do not get enough sleep will not only be tired, they will be irritable and it will affect their overall wellbeing.  Opting for a mattress of this type can help to ensure that good quality sleep is enjoyed by the user, helping them to feel better able to face the day ahead!

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