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One of the luxury touches that many people are now adding to their home is a memory foam mattress.  With a variety of benefits, these mattresses are becoming increasingly affordable and are ideal for those who suffer from aches and pains and who need a little extra support while they are sleeping.


The product was first developed for use by NASA and did not become widely available to consumers until the 1990s.  Many people have opted for mattress toppers, memory foam pillows and cushions as well as the memory foam mattress.  There are many different materials available for mattresses, so why opt for memory foam?


It is ideal for reducing the pressure on the skin which can be caused by standard mattresses.  This is particularly important in the case of patients or the elderly who may need to spend long periods of time resting.  The foam will mould itself to the shape of the body, easing the pressure.   The memory foam mattress has been developed so that the cells will fully compress and will spread the pressure of the air with the cells adjoining.  This is how the pressure against the skin is reduced.


The temperature sensitive nature of the foam is also a key part of its performance.  The foam is firmer at lower temperatures and softer at higher temperatures, so when somebody lies down on it, that particular section becomes warmer and will mould to the shape of the body.  This has given rise to an alternative name for the memory foam – visco-elastic foam – although memory foam is how the product is usually marketed.


When shopping for a memory foam mattress there are several things to look for.  Whether buying a mattress or a topper, it is important to have around 3 inches of memory foam.  Buying a full mattress does not necessarily mean that all of it is memory foam, but that the top few inches are, with other materials beneath to provide support.  Having 3 inches of memory foam provides more comfort and feels more luxurious than the styles which offer less although personal preference is important and checking out the different options will help to decide which is the right one for you.


There are also different densities of foam available for the mattresses and the denser the foam, the more expensive it can be as the process of making a denser foam can be more expensive.   Understanding density is easy as it is explained in pounds, so a foam with a density of 3 pounds means that a cubic foot of the material will weigh three pounds.


Considering personal needs is essential.  If you are someone who suffers from broken sleep due to feeling uncomfortable then this type of mattress could be the answer.   Being able to face a day at work after a good night’s sleep is important.  Comfort is a major factor in being able to achieve good quality restful sleep and a mattress with memory foam could make all the difference.

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