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A memory foam mattress offers great bodily support, which is why it is such a great place to sit and eat. Although I know I shouldn’t eat nearly all my meals in bed, I can’t help myself!

Memory foam mattresses are the epitome of comfort, so when it comes to sitting or lying down, there is nothing more comfortable than a firm yet soft mattress made of visco elastic foam. This special type of foam is what makes our mattress so great. It is cushioned yet its “viscosity” allows the mattress to return to its original form once you have been lying on it, which makes it a much more durable place to sleep in comparison to a pocket sprung mattress.

Our old pocket sprung mattress didn’t last long – five years at most before it started going a little lumpy. I tend to sleep on one place on the mattress, and after a few years of this, our sprung mattress couldn’t handle it anymore. Springs started to give way, and every time I rolled over in the night to find a comfier position, I would always hear the springs ‘ping’ out of place!

Now with our memory foam mattress, I can sleep in my position without any problems. I always sleep on my side, so when I used to sleep on a sprung mattress, most of my weight was balancing on my pressure points. This meant that I was waking up in the middle of the night with aching hips and shoulders. However, on our memory foam mattress, I can fall asleep in one position and the foam adjusts to suit my body’s curves. The foam also cushions and supports my pressure points by moulding around my contours and giving me a great night’s sleep.

It is the memory foam’s support that makes it so comfortable – and the main reason my husband and I can’t help but sit and eat in bed. When we sit up to have breakfast in bed (and occasionally lunch and dinner too!), the memory foam uses its adaptability to support us as we sit. As memory foam is responsive to both heat and weight, it also creates a supportive surface to sit on, which allows us to keep a good posture whilst we munch our cereal!

Our memory foam mattress has lasted us 7 years so far, and it’s still as good as new! It doesn’t need to be flipped like sprung mattresses do, mainly because the specially formulated foam is designed to keep its shape and always “remembers” to go back to its original form when you’ve left it.

Memory foam mattresses are long lasting, easy to look after, and so comfortable that I will never go back to sleeping on a standard sprung mattress again. I anticipate many breakfasts in bed on my memory foam mattress in the future!

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