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Carlsberg have boasted that if they did pub teams, nightclubs, fitness centres, or weddings they would probably be the best in the world – and now there is the memory foam mattress. These mattresses are so comfortable and so great for your body that even Carlsberg would be proud to call them their own!

There are a number of great things about memory foam mattresses including their:

  • Moulding ability
  • Dust mite resistance
  • Heat and weight sensitivity

Moulding Ability – Memory foam has a unique ability to mould itself to your body’s contours. Memory foam mattresses are made of a high density visco elastic material which adjusts to your bodily curves, distributes your weight evenly across the mattress surface, and therefore puts less strain on pressure points. This makes for a great night’s sleep with minimal tossing and turning so that you can get a full and restful night.

Dust Mite Resistance – The memory foam’s density is also great for fighting dust and dust mites. It is made with dust mite resistance in mind and its higher density means that the foam particles are tightly compacted, allowing very little space for dust or dust mites to settle.

Heat and Weight Sensitivity – The memory foam adjusts to both pressure and temperature. When you lie down on your memory foam mattress, the foam reacts to your body weight and heat and then softens to adjust itself to fit your body. This adjustment then allows the foam to support and realign your spine so that you can maintain a good posture whilst you sleep without even having to think about it!

Usually, memory foam mattress density is measured in a number of ways – from weight to thickness. Each manufacturer will describe densities differently. For example, one retailer might say a mattress is a “5lb density” whereas another might say it is “3 inch density”. Whichever measurement option you go for, the most important thing to remember is that the higher the density, the firmer the mattress.

When it comes to hardness and softness of foam, memory foam mattresses are monitored accordingly which is why they are so great to sleep on. You can decide a perfect density and softness to suit you so that you can guarantee that you will get a great night in bed.

The softness and firmness is in fact measured by the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) rating which basically indicated the amount of pressure that it would take to squash down the foam. Similar to density, the rule applies that the higher the ILD, the harder the foam.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that memory foam mattresses are becoming a firm favourite in the home. With its fantastic moulding abilities and heat sensitivities, it is quickly becoming one of the best types of mattresses out there. Give it a go, and you’ll end up thinking to yourself “If Carlsberg did mattresses...”.

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