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No matter how many times you have to remind your Gran who you are, you will never have that problem with your memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are made with a specially formulated foam which means that when you climb into bed, it will welcome you in and cradle your body as you nod off.

Why is it called “Memory” Foam?

The special foam which makes up a memory foam mattress is also known as visco elastic or polyurethane foam. Visco elastic foam refers to the properties that memory foam has; viscosity and elasticity.

The memory foam’s viscosity means that your mattress can return to its original shape after you have left its surface, and the elasticity means that it is able to bounce back into shape without any trouble. Even if my Gran can’t remember my name, at least I can rely on my memory foam mattress knowing which shape it was!

When you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the foam’s particles react with your body heat, which is why it is so comfortable to lie on. With standard pocket sprung mattresses, you will often find that although the springs of the mattress give good support when you lie on your back, it can be extremely uncomfortable in any other sleeping position.

The great thing about memory foam is that you can lie in any sleeping position you like and the foam will mould around your body’s shape. The foam has been designed to react with body heat and weight so when you find your ideal sleeping position, the foam will respond to your body temperature and pressure so that it can fit around your body.

Whilst you sleep, a memory foam mattress will cradle every curve and hollow of your body gradually and will make sure that your weight is evenly distributed across the mattress’s surface. This even weight distribution is what makes it so lush to sleep on; because your weight is evenly spread out, there is no pressure on any single point of your body, meaning no aching joints in the morning!

When you get out of bed in the morning, you don’t need to worry that an imprint of your body will be left on the mattress surface. In fact this is where memory foam works best – after there is no pressure or heat for the foam to react with, the mattress remembers its original shape and goes back to it.

Night after night you can easily sleep wherever you want on your memory foam mattress and it will adjust to suit you – no single part of the mattress is more comfortable to sleep on than another, it is all firm yet soft and adjustable to your body. Morning after morning you will amazed by how quickly the foam returns back to its original shape – this means it can cradle you to sleep for years to come!

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