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Technology has moved on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and now there is even an iPhone app to help you enjoy your night’s sleep on your memory foam mattress.

The iPhone app ‘Sleep Cycle’ works with your body to ensure that you get a full and wholesome night’s rest. Often, your alarm will go off when you are in a phase of deep sleep meaning that you have to struggle to pull yourself out of that deep sleep into an awake and alert state.

Pulling yourself out of a deep sleep can be tricky, exhausting, and can often leave you tired for the rest of the day. Thanks to the ‘Sleep Cycle’ app, you can now monitor your sleep patterns and set an alarm clock accordingly, ensuring that you are getting enough hours rest and that you are also awaking when you are drifting into a lighter sleep.

Any standard alarm will simply go off at a preset time, but ‘Sleep Cycle’ alarms are designed to wake you when you have completed a full sleep cycle and are in a light sleep phase. To make sure that you are getting a full night’s rest, a memory foam mattress can cradle you to sleep.

Before you go to sleep, you set the app’s alarm clock and place it in the corner of your bed (ideally next to your pillow and under your bed sheet to stop it from shifting around). Your iPhone then monitors your movements as you sleep and begins to understand your body’s sleeping patterns.

When you sleep on a pocket sprung mattress, you generally are more likely to toss and turn before dropping off to sleep to find a comfortable sleeping position. However, on a memory foam mattress, the foam adjusts itself to suit you, not the other way round! The memory foam aka “visco elastic foam” is a heat and pressure sensitive material which adapts to your body when you lie down.

The foam moulds itself around your body’s contours to reduce strain on your body’s pressure points, meaning that you won’t need to adjust position during the night. The less time you spend adjusting your sleeping position, the more time you will have to have a fully restful night’s sleep, and this should show on your ‘Sleep Cycle’ app.

The phase of sleep where you dream is another slightly lighter phase. This means that when your alarm sounds in the morning, you should be woken at a point of sleep where you aren’t being brought out of a deep slumber, but instead you are being awoken from a pleasantly light sleep. This will ensure that you are engaged and alert for the rest of the day.

So if you want to use ‘Sleep Cycle’ to see if your memory foam mattress is improving your sleep pattern, go ahead. You will soon see that the memory foam’s moulding abilities are just what your body needs to have a good night’s sleep.

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