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Sleeping, eating, and doing anything else (!) on a memory foam mattress is great fun, but when it comes to giving away what you’ve been up to, does it really work?


Everyone loves to spend time in bed, and having a lie in can be the best thing in the world if you work hard during the week and value your long sleeps at the weekends. Have you ever been told that you spend too much time in bed by a parent, grandparent or partner? Well they need never know if you own a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is made with visco elastic foam which has been designed to offer bodily support, a firm and soft sleeping surface, and more importantly, a surface which returns to its original shape after you get up. Pocket sprung mattresses can give away your sleeping habits instantly, with certain areas of the mattress going saggy if you sleep in the same place constantly. A memory foam mattress instead keeps its ability to bounce back even when you continually sleep in one spot on your mattress. No flipping of the mattress is needed, and no one needs to know you sleep all day on a Saturday – your secret is kept safe with your memory foam mattress.


Some people consider it lazy to eat in bed – especially judgemental parents who think meal time should only be enjoyed in the designated dining area. If you have your parents to stay and want to keep them in the dark about where you eat your food, memory foam can help.

A memory foam mattress’s high density means that all of the foam particles are packed very tightly together. This stops small pieces of foods (namely crumbs) dropping into the mattress and making it dirty. This means that over time, your memory foam mattress can stay cleaner than a sprung mattress which easily collects dirt in its crevices. Whilst you sit on your memory foam mattress and prop yourself up with a pillow, you can still enjoy the mattress’s great comfort and the mattress can still support your lower back and rear.

Everything Else

Memory foam is so supportive and comfortable that you will often find excuses to do everything there. Intimate moments on a memory foam mattress can be made much easier with memory foam – there are no squeaking noises coming from your mattress during love-making for starters! A pocket sprung mattress shifts around as you move and can often make you bounce around much more than you want. However, memory foam allows you to control your movement so that it is a great experience all round.

Sitting and chatting with friends, typing away at a laptop, or reading a good book can all be made so much easier with memory foam – the foam cradles your body and supports your weight so that you can do everything comfortably.

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