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Most people spend hours telling their kids off for jumping on the bed, but we have a memory foam mattress, so whether our kids want to jump, wrestle, or roll around on our mattress, we really don’t mind.

Memory foam mattresses were first invented by NASA for use in outer space and in aircraft. The specially formulated foam was created to absorb high levels of G-force and still protect the astronauts. The formula was developed over the years, and has since been found in motorcycle seats, prosthetic limbs and race car helmets.

That’s right; memory foam is a shock absorber, which is why it makes a great wrestling surface! Not only is it a great surface to play fight on, it is also a great place to sleep if you share a bed. When you sleep on a pocket sprung mattress, you can easily feel your partner moving around next to you in the middle of the night – this wakes you up, causing a restless and stressful night’s sleep. However, on a memory foam mattress, the foam’s particles are known as “high density” because they are tightly compacted, allowing for less movement. Therefore the movement that your partner makes in the night is absorbed by the high density foam, so you won’t even notice.

Memory foam mattresses are also built for taking a large amount of weight. Memory foam is designed to react to heat and weight, under pressure and a change in temperature, the foam can adapt quickly and effectively to mould to any person’s body. Overweight people often find that their weight puts pressure on their mattress quickly, allowing for instant body moulding. This is also a feature worth remembering if your mattress is going to endure plenty of rough and tumble from your kids wrestling matches – not only will the impact of their movements protect them from harm, the mattress’s natural support won’t allow the mattress to sag.

No matter how much of a beating my mattress gets, I know that when my kids are done jumping around on it, it will still look and feel as good as new. The “memory” part of the memory foam refers to its viscosity. This basically means that a memory foam mattress has the ability to return to its normal mattress shape without any damage being visible. If you were to allow wrestling matches on a pocket sprung mattress, you could pretty much guarantee that it wouldn’t last more than a year, and its springs would be more than damaged.

The memory foam’s ability to return to its desired shape means that it is extremely durable and a great piece of furniture to have in your home. Rather than spending a fortune every few years buying a new sprung mattress, everyone should instead invest in a memory foam mattress – they are great value and will last for years!

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