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The great thing about owning a memory foam mattress is that my wife no longer asks me “does my bum look big in this?”, miraculously, our mattress tells her, leaving me trouble free and well out of the dog house! OK, so my mattress can’t literally speak to my wife, so if you want to know how she can tell that her bum is “too big”, read on...

The simple answer is: visco elastic memory foam. The more complicated answer is the way that this foam works. Visco elastic is a type of foam which is heat and pressure sensitive, so when you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the foam particles instantly react to your body’s temperature and weight. Each particle softens when it reacts with heat and then begins to mould to your body’s contours.

Unfortunately, no matter how often I tell my wife how great she looks, she will always find a way to prove me wrong. At night, we lie in bed; my wife on her back, me on my side. The memory foam then adjusts itself to fit each of our individual body shapes. It moulds around my hips, knees and shoulders and then moulds around her shoulder blades, back, bottom and calves. It isn’t long till we are both asleep and both of us have found that tossing and turning in the night is kept to a minimum because of the memory foam’s supportive structure.

Memory foam has the ability to adapt to many different body shapes, and it also has the ability to return to its original shape once you have left the bed. Depending on the density and firmness of the memory foam, it can take either a short or long time to stretch back into its normal form. A lower density mattress has foam particles which are more spread out, which means they are easier to mould but also offer slightly less support. These low density mattresses also spring back into their original shape quite quickly.

However, a high density mattress (e.g. 85kg which is what we have) has more tightly compacted foam particles, ensuring a firm support structure, and a slower adjustment to your bodily contours. A high density mattress will feel quite firm at first, but once the upper surface has started to react with your body’s weight and temperature, it soon softens. You can then feel the memory foam begin to work as it starts to make temporary indentations on the mattress surface to cater for your curves.

As I carry most of my weight on my upper body, I can feel my memory foam mattress setting to work to spread out my weight evenly as I drop off to sleep. My wife has also told me that she can feel the foam adjusting around her lower body (particularly her rear) to support her weight – it gives us both great overall support, so really there is nothing to complain about!

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