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If you want to stay healthy, pay attention to the way you sleep. Investing in a brand spanking new memory foam mattress will do more than simply ensure you rest easy at night; it can also help you stay fitter, healthier and mentally sharper. In short, a good mattress is a great investment in a better life.

Millions of Britons suffer from debilitating conditions like arthritis and back pain that make it extremely difficult for them to get comfortable enough to sleep soundly. Other suffer from bouts of insomnia which they simply learn to live with. In both cases, a new mattress can often bring great relief.

According to the Sleep Council, a mattress should be changed every ten years but in reality, many people keep theirs for far longer, seemingly unaware of the detrimental effect this may be having on what happens to them during the night.

The wrong bed or mattress will do more than rob you of a good night's sleep. It can make long term ailments much worse and aggravate existing conditions. Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress in the incorrect position will prevent your spine from being properly aligned. This in turn can increase the amount of tension in your muscles and leaving you sore in the morning.

By investing in a memory foam mattress that moulds itself into whatever position they find most comfortable, many arthritis and back pain sufferers find many of their symptoms are greatly reduced. Some beds include heat and massage functions, which can also help boost circulation and provide a soothing effect.  The better you sleep, the better the quality of your life will be.

If you share your bed with a partner, an older mattress may no longer be able to offer adequate support to you both, causing you to roll together or moving around too much if one of you gets up in the middle of the night and the other stays put. A newer mattress will offer much more independence of movement.

Your immune system, and metabolism are most active when you're asleep? This is why sleep is always a recommend course of action for someone sick. When you're asleep, your body fights off what infection or bacteria you might have acquired during the day. Doing this requires more energy, and this means your metabolism is at its most active peak too.

Sleep also allows your brain to rejuvenate itself which is why we tend to feel sharper and find it easier to remember things when we have slept well then when we have been up all night long. According to studies, missing as little as two hours sleep leaves you in the same kind of slightly fuzzy mental state that comes from drinking a couple of glasses of wine.

A good way to encourage uninterrupted sleep while your body is repairing itself is to invest in a brand new memory foam mattress. These are designed to mimic the shape of your body, and this means you don't spend all night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.

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