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Choosing a new mattress is an important decision to make and the decision is made more difficult now by the fact that there are so many different kinds of mattress to choose from.  The most traditional kind is the sprung mattress, which supports the body on springs which are enclosed in pockets (usually of fabric) within the mattress. These can give firm, medium or soft support, depending on which you prefer. The construction of sprung mattresses has become increasingly sophisticated which means that some of the problems you may be familiar with, such as rolling together in the middle of the mattress, and lumpy springs, are less common now.

There are alternatives to a sprung mattress, however, and these can offer many benefits. Water beds were not just around in the 1970s and can still be bought now, but I find they are something you either love or hate. It may be worth trying one to see how you like it. The best option for me is a memory foam mattress. These are made from foam that was developed by NASA to make aircraft seats safer. The mattress consists of small pockets of air, and when you lay on the surface, the air is squeezed out of these pockets. This means that the mattress moulds itself around the shape of your body. When you move and the weight is released, the air goes back into the foam and the mattress regains its original shape. This means that whatever position you sleep in, your body is supported evenly and there are no parts of your body that are under undue pressure.

There are other benefits to memory foam mattresses too. They are less likely to harbour dust mites so can sometimes improve allergies, they are easy to care for, they don't need turning, and they are guaranteed for longer than sprung mattresses are. They can help relieve joint pain and in many cases improve sleep patterns. With benefits like these, they are a clear choice for a new mattress. And if you don't want to buy a new mattress, you can also get a foam topper for your bed, which is a thinner layer of memory foam (usually between 2 and5 inches) which goes on top of your existing mattress, offering you some of the memory foam benefits at a fraction of the cost. Memory foam mattresses are available in all sizes from single to super king size, and some companies even offer a made-to-measure service which can make a mattress to any non-standard size or shape.

Some of the best memory foam mattress deals are on the internet. Zleeps are a UK-based company who sell direct to the public without using retail outlets. This means that the prices are really reasonable; much cheaper than you probably think they'd be. With the added benefit of a 10 year guarantee, a freeUK delivery service, great customer service, and special offers it's certainly worth calling or looking on the website before you make your mattress choice.

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