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I bumped into an ex boyfriend the other day. You know, one of those days when you know you don't look your best. It was in the supermarket, without make up, mismatched clothes put on hurriedly because I was desperate for milk. Anyway, my stomach lurched when I saw him as he looked just the same as he did 8 years earlier, but he looked at me blankly as I gave him a weak, "hiding my feelings" kind of smile. He clearly didn't recognise me at all.

I went onto the next aisle, disappointed that he didn't remember me, and ended up going home, with ice cream, chocolate and a trashy magazine but no milk. As you do in times like this, I went to bed with the ice cream and magazine to try and forget the fact that the ex love of my life obviously didn't remember me. An hour and a half later, I woke up half sitting, half lying down, with half a tub full of melted ice cream. The thing was though, I didn't feel uncomfortable. In my old bed and with my old mattress I'd have ached all over from falling asleep in an awkward position but my memory foam mattress is amazing!

Memory foam mattresses are great because they mould to the shape of your body, then when you move and the weight is lifted off the mattress, the air returns to the cells of the mattress and it returns to its original shape. This means the mattress will always support you evenly, and that makes it much more comfortable, and particularly good for people with joint problems. I'd actually bought a 4ft small double bed and really wanted a memory foam mattress but had a problem finding one. Single, double and even king size memory foam mattresses were easily available but I couldn't find a 4ft one anywhere until I went online and found Zleeps.

Zleeps are experts in memory foam and sell their products direct to customers without using retail outlets. I had a choice of mattresses to choose from and after speaking to them for advice I bought the Gold range mattress. The price was really reasonable and I got free memory foam pillows with the order, excellent service, a 10 year guarantee and free delivery. Even if I had been able to find a small double bed memory foam mattress somewhere else, I don't think I'd have got that kind of service.

My new mattress was a great investment. Even though my ex boyfriend doesn't know who I am any more, the welcome I get from my bed kind of makes up for that fact. I don't wake up from someone snoring or digging me in the ribs, and I wake up feeling more refreshed than I ever have before. Whether or not you are missing an ex, I can strongly recommend checking out memory foam mattresses to give yourself a different kind of hug in a bed.

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