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Memory foam has been around for longer than some people think, and it just recently has begun getting recognition. This was once referred to as slow spring back foam. It was first developed in the year 1966 by NASA. It was designed to help improve aircraft safety especially when they were in space.

Memory foam softens to your body’s heat and allows itself to mold to the contour of your body allowing you to sleep and rest in more comfort. There’s also lower density foam that molds based on pressure and once pressure is removed the foam springs back to its original position.

What’s the History?

NASA began researching and in 1966 discovered memory foam. They were looking for ways to help improve seating in aircrafts and the two major contributors to these findings were Charles A. Yost and Chiharu Kubokawa. When it was first discovered, it was referred to as slow recovery foam. Yost referred to it as temper foam. Gas is fed into the foam and it offers a solid structure that works based on the amount of pressure placed on it and springs back slowly.

The public was exposed to memory foam in 1980 and one of the few companies that had agreed to work with this type of foam was Fagerdala World Foam. This is because it wasn’t really reliable to many and the manufacturing of it was difficult at first. Later in 1991, the Swedish Tempur-Pedic mattress made its way to the mattress world.

Memory foam became useful in the healthcare and medical field and was used in mattresses where patients were to be lying down for extended periods of time which was unhealthy. Over time, pressure on the body causes sores to occur and the blood flow slows down causing the skin to break down. Memory foam helped to put a stop to this.

Memory Foam Today

Nowadays, many people are purchasing memory foam toppers, mattresses, and even pillows as it’s become affordable for many. Many companies are making use of this in chairs, beds, pillows and much more.

Tempur-Pedic nowadays is a popular brand specializing in the manufacturing of this memory foam in a number of products that consumers have come to love and want in the home. It was expensive when it first hit the general public, and over time more and more companies have begun to create their own version that has become more affordable for consumers that have lower budgets.

Many people are beginning to see the many benefits that come with owning memory foam toppers and more. Bedsores are reduced and people are getting a better night’s rest. You’ll find memory foam in just about anything from neck pillows to office chairs and more. Pet beds are even getting in on the trend and slippers and other footwear has been developed as well. Memory foam is a continual growing trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Sleeping better is now possible without the pressure and joint pain of firm mattresses.

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