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Memory foam mattresses are good for so many reasons. If you have joint or muscle pain they can alleviate your problems; if you suffer from insomnia you may find that find that you sleep much better; if you suffer from allergies you may find these relieved because dust mites cause a lot of allergies and they don't like living in memory foam as much as in other kinds of mattresses. They are also much easier to maintain than some other kinds of mattress as they do not need to be turned. So if you suffer from backache they can help you on two fronts: reducing the work you need to do and relieving any pain you do get while you are asleep.

Memory foam mattresses are suitable for almost everyone except babies and very small children but if you aren't convinced by the benefits then it's a good idea to go to a bed or mattress showroom and try one out. If you do that then you'll be totally convinced about how comfortable they are. You may not even want to leave the showroom.

Memory foam was originally invented by NASA scientists because they wanted a material that improved the safety of aircraft seats. The foam is made up of small pockets of air, and when under pressure, for example from someone laying on it, the air is squeezed out of the pockets and the foam moulds to the shape of the body. When you move and the pressure is relieved, the foam returns to its original shape. It was some time before memory foam was developed commercially, and at first memory foam products were really expensive, and quite difficult to find. There was only one company able to produce it at first but now there are more so it is much easier to find a cheap memory foam mattress, a pillow or a mattress topper, and what's more cheap doesn't need to mean a compromise in quality if you know where to shop.

Zleeps are one of the quality online memory foam retailers who really know what they are talking about. Experts in memory foam and with experience in all aspects of sleep, Zleeps' friendly and professional staff can give you great advice about buying a mattress. The standard prices are highly competitive as the products are offered direct to customers without having to pay for expensive showrooms and sales people. There is a range of mattresses available from the deluxe Platinum range, to the budget Bronze range, with the best-selling Silver and Gold ranges in between. Whichever range you choose you can be assured of excellent quality and service.

With other products available such as memory foam mattress toppers, beds, pillows and even pet beds, Zleeps are one of the major players in the memory foam market. Their excellent customer service record, and added benefits such as 10 year guarantees, free UK delivery, free pillows with mattress orders, and special offers offering huge discounts on key products mean that they should be high on your list of potential memory foam suppliers.

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