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Visco elastic foam is also called memory foam. Why is this type of bed so special compared to the traditional mattress? Well first off, it’s made with the same material that was developed for NASA, that’s great in it’s self, cause right there you know it will be good because we only use the best for our hero’s.

This foam is great because will react to the weight and temperature of the individuals body, conforming to the personals natural shape.

Visco foam would not fall into the class of being soft, it feels like it would fall into that category, however it actually molds to the contours of your body and when you move it would gradually move back to the original position of the foam. This special feature allows you to have less pressure on your joints, giving you a more relaxed, comfortable sleep.

The visco foam will always stay dry and cool for you when you are sleeping because it has open cell structure, which means it can breath. What that means is that all your natural body heat and moisture of your body produces while you sleep can be released keeping it fresh and cool.

If you are a person that suffers from allergies, then this is also a perfect pick for your bed. This material is known for being highly resistant to mold, bacteria, mites, bacteria, along with the odor causing germs that can come up.

One of the reasons that visco is so special is because it will stop the motion transfer that happens with normal mattresses between partners. There is nothing like trying to get a good night sleep, and being disturbed every five minutes when your partner is tossing and turning in a restless sleeps. With Visco foam this is not an issue. This foam will reduce all motion transfer from your partner by absorbing the impact of his or her movements, so that your night sleep is undisturbed. You wont ever have to worry about waking up just as tired as you went to bed, because of your partner’s movement all night.

Visco foam works because it is made with microscopic memory pockets. These microscopic pockets will react to the body’s weight and temperature. The reaction to the cells creates the memory and contouring effect that will align the surface where you sleep with the natural curves of your body.

When you add all these things together, you can come to the conclusion that the visco foam is special in every way. There is not one reason, but multiple reasons. It offers so many benefits to the people who buy it. With it’s form molding contours the make you sleep better with less stress on your joints, the breathable material to keep you cool, along with all the resistant properties of so many things like mold and mites it helps with allergens, it would be a shorter list to say why is it not special.

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