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When you are looking for a reliable memory foam supplier there are a lot of options to pick from. Everyone offers something special to bring you into their store, or website. It is important to read everything on the site, or ask a lot of questions if you go into the store itself. Another thing to look at is what services to they provide? Who has the best prices? Do they deliver? And what do they offer in the way of products? You want to be able to have the best selection to be able to find the right memory foam mattress for you.

With Hypnia you know that you have come to the right place. Hypnia is your one stop shop for all your memory foam needs and supplies.

We offer memory foam mattress in different sizes to suit the individual’s body size and shape.  Hypnia knows that people are not all made the same way and the beds that they pick need to be customized for their needs. We offer twenty-one different options for your memory foam bed. The beds start at 6” singles and work up to 12” super king size. We also offer premium single, double and king size memory foam mattress.

Hypnia also offers memory foam toppers, for the people who are not looking at buying a new bed, but would like to have the closest thing to a new mattress feeling. Our toppers are offered in twenty different options. They start at 1” singles and go up to 4” super king size. There is a size design for every bed.

We are proud to offer more than just mattresses. We also offer memory foam pillows. These have the same great features, as the mattresses, the effect on your neck and spine after using these pillows, will show in the morning when you have less stiffness and pain from sleeping on the wrong pillows. Our pillows will contour to your neck and head giving you the best night sleep.

We offer competitive rates on our beds and pillows. Our rates are not lower because we offer lesser quality or service; we offer competitive rates because we value our customers, and our potential customers.  We give you the same or better support, advice, and professional service you expect of any business.

Hypnia makes buying online a quick easy process. You can make the purchase online, and pay with PayPal, and Major credit cards. Once you have made your selection you will get an email confirmation, with an estimated delivery date. If you decide that you need to change the delivery date you can use this confirmation to do so. If you decide you would like to pick up your purchase, we package your items in a way that you can use your car to get it home.

Hypnia offers everything you could need to have a great night sleep in a quick, easy, secure way, with the best memory foam products.


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