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1970 was the year that memory foam was invented. However it was not invented for the everyday person, it was invented for NASA. It was not until the 1990’s hit that it was released to the public. The bed itself was not introduced till later. We first welcomed the toppers. Which are mattress pads, that go over your mattress to give us the cushion and comfort unlike we have ever seen before. It was not long before the actual bed was released.

After memory foam was created for NASA, people could see the promise of the use of it in the medical industry to help relieve pressure sores. As the years progressed it was documented that the memory foam was responding to body temperature, along with the foams ability to spread pressure over a larger area, which was reducing pressure points.

When the memory foam was introduced to the public it was actually only produced for hospital use. But after hearing that the people who were using it, were reporting that they were having a better night sleep, and having less joint pain, it was decided to release it to everybody.

The beds where not cheap however, leaving most people unable to buy these new beds.

After a few years more manufacture companies began to make their own version of the bed and by doing this were able to lower the price making it more affordable to everyone.

Memory foam has been the fastest growing type of mattress industry. With each year more and more companies are selling memory foam mattresses, toppers and now pillows. With the increase in demand, comes an increase demand by the consumers to keep improving it, and coming out with more products, this has left many businesses struggling to keep up with all the new products that are coming out.

No other mattress on today’s market comes close to a memory foam mattress and the way it conforms to your body, and the ability to reduce pressure points. The reason that memory foam is so unique is its open cell foam, meaning the individual cells that are in the foam have holes in them. So when you lay on the foam the cells will deform. Compressing fully and spreading their air pressure to each adjoin cell. Which means that the cells spread out to conform to your body, thereby reducing the pressure points. There is no other material that has the ability to conform to the shape of the body - this is truly a special product.

The great thing about memory foam mattress, toppers, and pillows is the fact that it is now affordable. The price has drastically reduced over the years, with more companies making it all around the world. We are proud to be one of the suppliers to offer this to the general public. Our prices are competitive, to give you the best quality without the high price tags. We offer value on a budget for our customers.

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