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When we were kids, the only option for a bed was a spring-loaded mattress they started off comfortable. Over time the material would break down, and thin out, leading to the feeling of springs poking you in the back while you tried to sleep.

Then came the waterbed. The thoughts were that not only did these beds catch the eye in an appealing way but that it would be a good place to sleep. The flow of the bed, would wrap around your body leading to a feeling of a better sleep, and more health benefits. We soon discovered that this was not the case. That in fact it was leaving people feeling like they did not get a restful sleep, and with all kinds of back, and neck pain.

Last fad while growing up was the futon. While these are great for saving space, when you live in a small space, the fact is they have no support, thin out fast, and you can almost always feel the bars beneath you. Not the best plan for a restful night sleep.

In this day we have memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is polyurethane with the addition of chemicals to increase the viscosity and the density. Higher-density memory foam will soften in reaction to body heat. This allows the foam to mold to your body in minutes. The lower-density memory foam is actually pressure-sensitive which means that it will mold quickly to you body, and will return to its former shape faster.

There are many benefits to having a memory foam mattress; health benefits include fewer allergies, less stress on your joints, and a more restful sleep.

While the memory foam is the best choice for a new bed, for the best night sleep. Not everyone is ready to make a large financial commitment of buying a new bed. When this is the case, we have you covered. With our full line of memory foam toppers you are able to feel like you have a new memory foam mattress without the cost associated with the cost of buying a new bed.

You can enhance your sleep with a temperature sensitive memory foam topper. The visco elastic toppers molds to your body’s natural shape, relieving critical pressure points on your body to give you a more restful sleep. By reliving pressure points while you sleep, it reduces your need to toss and turn at night, thereby giving you a more restful, deeper nights sleep.

We offer toppers, in a large range of sizes, to fit every bed. Extra small beds, to super kind size beds. Toppers are a good choice when you cannot afford a new bed, and we strive to have competitive pricing for out customers. We also offer our customers free shipping on their orders, or if you decide to pick up your topper from our store; we package the toppers in a way that you can fit it into your car for easy commute.

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