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You will often hear people complain that they “slept the wrong way”, that they have a kink in their neck. Or it may be that they have back or shoulder pain. The truth of the matter is that pillows are made standard. They are made most of the time with a standard shape, size, and thickness, only options for a more plush or firmer pillow.

And we all know that no one is really made the same way, or have the same needs when it comes to pillows, any more than we have the same needs for mattresses. This is why we not only sell a large assortment of memory foam mattresses but also sell memory foam pillows.

These people who make the comments that they slept the wrong way during the night, in fact are sleeping on the wrong pillow usually. You necks need support while sleeping that they simply cannot achieve with a standard pillow. When you sleep the wrong way and wake up in the morning with a stiff neck, sore back, or even a sore shoulder this may in fact be easily solved with the purchase of a memory foam pillow.

To give a brief history on the memory foam, it was originally made for NASA. It was then released to the medical industry for the use in hospitals. The hospitals where getting numerous amount of feedback after patients left the hospital, stating that they never had a better sleep then on that memory foam. That their joints felt better, they felt more rested.

This prompted it becoming released to the general public. This was idea, as it would help even more people. The problem with that however was because it was medical grade material it cost a lot. More than the average person could afford. Years later other manufacturing companies started to make their own version of the memory foam, and because it was not as high end material it was now more affordable for people to buy.  Once it began to be more popular, with more people wanting it, and demand going up, more companies started to make this product. With the more companies that made it, the cheaper it became. Now everyone can afford a wonderful memory foam mattress.

There was still one small problem. Now people were finally feeling better with better nights sleep, more rested, and less joint pain, but they were still experiencing neck pain. Luck would have it they came out with pillows to help with this problem.

We are proud to be offing memory foam pillows to our valued customers. Sleeping on these pillows with make a world of difference on how you sleep at night and how you feel in the morning. It conforms to your neck, and head shape. Fitting the contours of your neck and head and providing complete support to for them as well. Because of this you will notice less pain in your neck, shoulders, back, as well as fewer migraines and headaches.

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