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How exciting you have decided to move in with your partner. You both have decided to get rid of all the items you have for you’re bedroom, and decided to get all brand new. You’re going to paint, and remodel the whole room with new furniture.

First you have picked out your paint. What are you planning to do next? The best bet would be to pick out the bed you would like to have. This way you can customize your sheet and blanket size to match your bed, not have your bed match your sheet and blanket size.

When you are looking at picking out your bed, the type is critically important. We spend around half our life in bed, so you want to make sure that you pick wisely. It has been proven now that a memory foam mattresses is the best choice. They are specially made with a material that reacts to the natural heat in your body and the material will then give way to contour to our body. Giving you the comfort you need to sleep, plus relieves stress on your joints, allowing you to sleep with less tossing and turning and waking up feeling better, and with less pain in your joints.

We offer memory foam mattress in singles, small doubles, doubles, king size, and super king size. We offer competitive rates on all our beds. We also offer free delivery to our customers.

So now that you have bought your new memory foam mattress, what about a new pillow? We all need to have a pillow or two when we sleep. You could go to a store and buy a pillow, but you really get what you pay for. What that means is, they are cheap, they are made cheap, standard sizes, and flatten out after a few months. This can leave you with aches and pains, in your neck, back, shoulders, and wake up with headaches and migraines. This is because your pillow does not support your neck at night. Where a memory foam pillow will contour to you head and neck giving true support. We offer these pillows in our stores, at an affordable price so you can experience the wonder of our pillows in your bedroom.

You want to look at your décor for your bedroom. You want to match it to your new color of the room. It is nice to mix and match the patterns on your bedding along with the color to give it more contrast. It is always nice to add accent pillows to your décor it adds a nice plushness to the look of your new bedding. Adding some nice pictures to the room, that compliments the color theme.

Now your bedroom is all set up with beautiful new décor, complimenting pictures to that décor, and best of all you are having the best night sleep together in your new memory foam mattress and memory foam pillows.


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