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When you were a kid and you heard about the first time some one walked on the moon, and you watched the space ship take off and come back, you so wanted to be an astronaut. Pictures, toys, tops, you name it you had it. NASA was your idol, and now you have a child and you want to bring that love of space into their life.

You can go to the store and buy them a space theme blanket and sheets. Oh don’t forget the pillowcases, you can’t complete the set without them. You can also go to the store and buy glow in the dark solar system to stick on the ceiling for bedtime.

Now if you want to be to coolest parent in the world, buy your kids a real memory foam mattress for their bedroom. Now why would you be call the coolest parent in the world from your children for just buying a memory foam mattress? Because these are not just normal mattresses, they were made for NASA!

When NASA was looking at sending their astronauts into space, they knew they needed to supply the best of everything. With all the stress their bodies would go through being in space, they wanted to give them the best sleeping arrangements to help alleviate some of that stress. NASA came up with memory foam. This special foam is made to react to the bodies natural heat, which lets the internal cells relax and move, so that the foam would contour to their whole body removing stress from their joints, thereby relieving the stiffness in their muscles as well.

This means during the night the way the foam contoured to their bodies, caused them to have a more sound sleep, less tossing and turning, less stress on their joints, leaving them fresh and alert in the mornings, with less aches and pains.

This memory foam was so amazing that they shared it with hospitals, who patients where so amazed by how well they slept, and how much better their joints felt that over the years the hospital shared the memory foam mattress with the public. However at that point it was all hospital grade foam material. This meant the cost was higher than the average person could afford. Leading to people wanting it but not being able to afford it.

Within years the average everyday companies started to make their own versions of the memory foam mattresses, this meant they were now affordable to everyone. We are proud to sell the memory foam mattresses.  They are offered in a wide range of sizes to fit every room. These mattresses will offer your child the same relief that the astronauts benefited from.

Your child will think you are the best parent ever when you buy them the same bed that NASA had! And you will feel like the best parent ever for buying the bed that will help your child have a good night sleep, and a better day at school the next day.

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