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When you are starting to look at buying a new bed, you will shop around and chances are that you will tend to buy what fits into your budget. This budget may not be big enough to get you the bed you want or need.

Have you ever woke in the morning to have those nasty kinks in your neck, that leave you only being able to move your head one way, because when you move it the other way, the pain shoots right through your neck.

Or maybe you wake up in the morning with that kink in your shoulder, where you’re rubbing it, and trying to rotate your arm to get the “kink” out of it…

It may even be that you wake up in the morning and your back feels horrible, stiff, like you spent the night sleeping on the floor, like when you were a kid. However now you are no longer a child and sleeping on the floor leaves you in pain for half a day or longer.

All of these things can be contributed to the bed and pillow you sleep on. Most people just assume they slept the wrong way during the night. This is fact truth and untruth. Meaning you didn’t sleep the wrong way, you can sleep on your back, belly, side, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you did in fact sleep the wrong way by sleeping on the wrong bed for you.

You have a lot of choices when you’re looking at buying a bed. Size, thickness, and many more options. It is now proven though that between all these choices you have for picking the right style of bed for you, that the best option on the bedding market today is in fact the memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress is often referred to as “visco-elastic” polyurethane foam. The higher density memory foam will soften when your natural body heat is introduced to it, which will allow it to mold to your body within a few minutes. The lower density memory foam is pressure sensitive which will mold quickly to your shape pressing against it, then it will return to it’s normal shape once your body is removed from it.

What this means for you when sleeping is that you will toss and turn less, your joints will have less stress on them, making your muscles feel better in the morning. The memory foam pillow works in the same way, contour to your head and neck giving you the proper support your body needs.

While we sell both items in our stores, we realize that not everyone can afford to buy these beds. Because of this we also offer memory foam toppers. These can be placed on top of your existing bed, and will give you more comfort and support then your mattress alone will give you. Our toppers will help to make sure you do not continue to wake up in the morning with all those aches and pains.

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