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Hypnia memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows are made of high density technology, they are designed for all sized people, temperature sensitive, dust mite resistant, and are made with orthopedic technology with satisfaction technology.  Hypnia offers competitive prices on our products, free delivery, and include free pillows. Our products and services are the best in the business, offering top quality products at great prices. If you are not aware of the benefits of memory foam products please keep on reading our blog.

Memory foam mattresses have been in the market for just over a decade now. Memory foam is great for any sleeping positions, because it’s design is to provide comfort no matter if you sleep on your stomach, back, or either side. The material has been designed to cradle and mold to your body in an even manner. Because the memory foam molds to your body, it is able to provide support to your body in an even and individually based way. This allows your spine to stay in the neutral position the entire time that you are sleeping. This will reduce the pressure points on your joints, helping you to feel better the next day.

If you are an allergy sufferer, the memory foam mattresses are a great option for you because the foam is hypoallergenic and allergy free because they are made from 100% all natural material. Being made this way also means that dust mites are not an issue with memory foam because it is naturally resistant which makes it impossible for them to survive on your bed. The other advantage of owning this bed is that you never need to flip over your bed, it has no inner springs, and so it will never sag.

There have been many studies completed over the years that have shown that people who sleep on memory foam mattresses will have a more sound sleep, then people who use a regular bed. For this reason thousands of specialists and doctors have recommended to their patients to use these beds to improve your sleep which can help lower the risk linked to disorders like obesity, and narcolepsy.

These memory foam mattresses are very sensitive to its users weight and body temperature. This means as the temperature in the foam rises it will become softer, and when you leave the bed, and the heat is removed that it will go back to it’s original shape. So each time you lay down in your bed, it is like lying down in a new bed. It is also suitable all sizes of people from large to slim.

With so many benefits to owning a Hypnia memory foam product, and with our great customer service, free delivery, free pillow, and competitive pricing on all our beds and toppers it is no wonder that we are number one in the memory foam retail services in store and with our online stores. So when you are looking to buy think Hypnia

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