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Memory foam quite basically is an insulating material that will respond to a change in temperature. As the memory foam has contact with increased body temperature, the memory foam realigns providing a cushion, the material softening where the body increases its weight. When heat is introduced to the mattress, the foam will mold itself to all the contours of the individual’s body. This provides excellent support to pressure points along the person’s legs, spine, and else where. This also allows the person to avoid stress on their muscle and skeletal systems, while they are sleeping. When the individual shifts position the foam will automatically realign to help maintain the cushion effect.

Hynia offers memory foam mattresses in a large range of sizes. We like to make sure that we can customize our products to out customer’s requirements. Not only does our memory foam mattress offer comfort for your resting body, it helps if you have allergies. The material that is found in our memory foam products is resistant to the bed bugs and mites. They are not able to penetrate the foam, and that makes it impossible to be able to live on the bed or lay eggs.

You may think that you do not need a hypoallergenic mattress, because you don’t have any known allergies, you may want to rethink that assumption. Our hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses is made for people who have bad allergies however we also would like to point out that even mild allergy sufferers can be helped from our beds. If you have even the mildest reaction to dust and mold our beds are made to resist even the slightest amount.

When you sleep it is natural for your body to perspire when you become over heated. Our beds are made to breathe, this means that while you lay on them at night they will naturally breathe and keep your bed cool, maintain your body’s core temperature which works towards you having a nice cool sleep, on a bed that contours to your body, taking pressure off your joints, and keeping your spine aligned.  There are just so many benefits to sleeping on our memory foam mattresses. The best part is that we not only offer you the best beds, we also have for our valued customers memory foam toppers. These are a great substitution to our beds. If you are not ready to spend the money on a new bed, but want to have the comfort of our memory foam beds, you can buy our toppers. Our toppers are placed over your existing mattress and come in all standard sizes to ensure that you can find one that will fit your needs. This is a more affordable cost and one we are happy to offer to you as a great substitution because we know that everyone deserves to sleep on our beds and have a great night sleep no matter what their budget is.

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