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It is our experience that not everyone is familiar with what memory foam is. Visco Elastic Memory Foam could possibility be the biggest revolution to hit the bedding, healthcare and orthopedic market in years.

While memory foam bedding has been in the American market, taking it by storm for 13 years now, the UK bedding market has just recently opened up to these products over the last two to three years in a significant commercial productions and selling way. It only goes to reason then that if the American market is continuing to grow, that it will not be long before the memory foam mattresses will replace standard mattress is the UK.

Memory foam mattress is a by-product of NASA. It was originally developed for the reductions of the effect of G force put on the astronauts during take off and when they were re-entering into the earth’s atmosphere by adding support and reducing the pressure on them.

Memory foam is designed with an open cell structure, which is unique only to memory foam products. This means that it responds and reacts to your body’s natural weight and heat, forming to the contours of your body. This optimizes the support you receive by alleviating most of the pressure points that your body is normally subjected to. This is the most effective foam material to relieving the pressure points. These beds where originally released to hospitals world wide to prevent pressure sores in bed ridden patients, along with other health benefits.

It is been proven now that memory foam will reduce tossing and turning by up to 80%. The reason that people do this is because of the creation of their pressure points not being met in the right way, which leads to a more restless and disturbed nights sleep.

At Hypnia we offer a wide range of memory foam mattresses to suite your needs. Our beds are offered in all standard sizes. With different thickness and density. We also offer toppers to go over the top of your current mattress for when you want the comfort of a memory foam mattress but do not have the budget to buy a new bed right now. The benefits are much the same as our beds. Included in our products that are offered to our customers are our memory foam pillows. These pillows offer supreme support to your neck and head. Allowing complete contour support to align your neck and spine, allowing you to have a restful sleep, and wake feeling relaxed and with no knots in your neck.

We also offer our customers free delivery with the purchase of our product, to show that we appreciate your business. We offer our customers free memory foam pillows with the purchase of our beds. With all these great options for our customers, competitive pricing on our entire memory foam mattress, our toppers, pillows and great products, it only makes sense that we are the number one seller

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