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The saying is true for many things in life and it is also true of memory foam mattresses, that not all the memory foam mattresses are created equally. Over the years there have been many new companies producing their own version of memory foam mattresses. This is a great thing for the consumer because it means that with higher volume comes lower prices offered to everyone. However not all of the companies that are producing the products are following the same production guidelines. Some are high quality where others are rated very low in quality.


Generally when looking at memory foam mattresses you want to avoid the ones that are noticeably inexpensive compared to others on the market. It is one thing to have competitive pricing and another to offer it at rock bottom prices that are way below the rest. These products are normally made with very low-density memory foam; they might even be layered with cheap foam products and ingredients. When this happens you will not experience the same contour and comfort as the higher grade ones.


The next question is what kind of memory foams should you be looking at? This will depend first on if you are looking to buy a full memory foam bed or if a topper is all you need for now. The reason for the difference is because when you have a mattress the memory foam inside it is bonded to the mattress core, meaning it cannot be replaced. So you want to make sure that it is not only comfortable but durable a well. Where with a topper when it wears out, it can be replaced as it just sits on top of your existing mattress.


With mattresses you want to look for ones that the memory foam is medium to high density around 3 inches. With 3 inches you will have the right amount of memory foam to give you the proper cushion and will conform to our body the way you are looking for. You could buy yourself a 2-inch as well but the level of comfort will not be quite as good. Really when looking at the density that you will want to look for in your memory foam mattress you will want to try them out and see if you want lower or higher density based on your personal comfort level.


We offer the best quality, memory foam products. We are the top retailer of memory foam beds, memory foam toppers, and memory foam pillows. We strive to offer competitive pricing on high-grade products. The foam shop offers free pillows to you when you buy a new memory foam bed. Along with offering the best quality product, competitive pricing, and free pillows, we also offer free delivery. There is no wondering why we are number one among retail stores selling memory foam with all that we offer to our customers, along with all the best high grade products around.

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