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Hypnia is selling only memory foam products to our clients.We are the largest independent supplier of memory foam mattresses in the UK. Our approach allows us to provide unbeatable competitive pricing, giving you the best quality for the best value.

Nypnia became the only memory foam mattress supplier in the UK that offers a 10-year life last guarantee with all our products. If you were to take all the memory foam mattresses that we have sold over the last five years and stood them end to end, they would reach outside the earth’s atmosphere.

We offer free delivery for your memory foam products if you order before 1:30pm. Along with the free delivery we give you free memory foam pillows. Everything you could possibly need to have the best night sleep. Our product range has expanded to having a silver label high-density memory foam depth: 2”- a subtle memory foam experience, improving comfort, light relief for tired muscles. This product is suitable for people under 15 stones. Gold label high density memory foam depth: 3”- the full memory foam experience, excellent body contouring that provides outstanding relief for your muscles and joints, this bed is suitable for all individuals. Deluxe label multi layer memory foam system: 3”- the superior memory foam experience, luxury comfort and contouring capabilities, and the most recommended and best selling specification available.

We offer all our memory foam products as medium-firm, what this means is that our products offer optimal balance for contouring and pressure of your body. When a memory foam material is considered soft it will contour without being supportive, a very firm memory foam supports but will not have correct contouring property’s. Our memory foam products are made to a 75KG.m3 density. The density relates to the overall quality and the life expectancy of the foam. Because we only use high standard memory foam we are able to offer to our customers the life last guarantee.

Our memory foam mattresses come in size ranges of single, double, king size, super size that offers a size for everyone. For toppers, which lay over the top of the mattress you already have, the sizes are also single, double, king size, and super king size so that we can always meet your needs.

We sell memory foam pillows, in fact while we sell them; we also give them to you for free as a token of our appreciation when you buy a new memory foam bed. We offer cool soft breathable covers. They are made with a breathable material, which prevents the air from being trapped between the memory foam and the person sleeping on it. When air is trapped it can contribute to over heating but when you use our cool soft cover the air can move through the fabric. This also allows the moisture that is trapped to evaporate more effectively.

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