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Hypnia is your one stop shop for all your memory foam needs. We offer a large selection of memory foam products. We know that when it comes to buying memory foam products that you have many stores and sites to buy from. However we are confident that you will find that we have the best memory foam mattresses, toppers, pillows and covers in the industry. We are also confident that we offer the best competitive pricing for such high quality material.

Why would you buy memory foam for your bedding needs? Memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive, which means that when you lay on the bed, the internal cells will relax and expand around your body’s weight and temperature. When the internal cells relax around your body, you body will sink into the bed, allowing the mattress to wrap around you, contouring to you. This takes the pressure off your joints and muscles, which allows you to rest without the need to turn to find a comfortable position. When you do not have to be up tossing and turning all night, you can go into a deep, full sleep. When you can have a restful night you will find that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for your day. When you do not have the right sleep, your memory can be affected, your social skills can be lacking, and your work ethic can lower not letting you preform to the best of your abilities.  When a bed contours to your body providing support such as a memory foam mattress does, the lack of stress on your joints lets you wake up in the morning without the pain that regular mattresses can cause since they do not provide adequate support.

If you are not in the market for a new bed, because you already have one that works for you, or you don’t have the money to buy new at the moment, you can still have the comfort, the stress relief for your joints, and the feeling of waking in the morning feeling refreshed. We have another option for you at Hypnia because we also offer our customers memory foam toppers. These are wonderful because you get the same effect of a new bed but these just go over your existing mattress, no need to replace your bed. These toppers are removable allowing you to take them off and wash them or replace them when the need is required. However our toppers have an average life of ten years so replacing them is not something you will have to worry about.

With our competitive pricing and great products, which have a long life warranty on them, we are the number one choice for all your memory foam sleep and comfort needs. With great customer service, hassle free delivery, easy return policy, it only makes sense that Hypnia is UK’s number one memory foam mattress, topper, and pillow provider.

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