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So, how comfortable do you like your mattresses? It’s a silly question really because everyone wants the most comfort they can get, and the best comfort is only achieved through memory foam. A memory foam mattress can give you the ultimate sleeping support, the ultimate comfort, a comfort that cannot be achieved from any other mattresses. They simply do not have the technology that memory foam has, that is why memory foam is so popular in many, many houses worldwide.

On a scale of 1 to 10 memory foam has to be at 10, standard mattresses vary in quality according to type and quality, but none of them can offer you memory foams patented technology. It offers you quality that is actually off the scale because it has been scientifically engineered to such high specification standards.

Memory foam has a very unique quality which incorporates open cell technology that actually responds to the weight and body heat and cocoons the contours of our bodies. This actually helps to minimize pressure on the pressure points of our bodies which are usually most subjective to causing aches and pains and other problems.

Remember when you use memory foam you are not just getting comfort, you are getting the support needed to help these common areas;

Memory foam mattresses can help to prevent teeth grinding, migraines and can also help migraines. They can help provide correct alignment for the neck an eradicate neck pains, they can help ease problems associated with shoulder pains. Memory foam can also relieve tennis elbow, help provide relief from pins and needles and can relieve headaches. The support provided by memory foam can help prevent curvature of the spine and pain related to scoliosis, it can provide support to the lumbar area and also regulate breathing and ease respiratory problems.

These are just a few of what memory foam can help with and it is able to help these areas with its special orthopedic technology which is what helps minimize the pressure points providing perfect rest and rejuvenation. It also has a temperature regulating qualities which disperses the heat from your body when you are hot into the mattress leaving you cooler and maintain your heat when you are cold.

If all of this is not enough how about the mattresses dust mite resistance? Bed bugs and dust mites are unable to penetrate the surface of a memory foam mattress because of its density. Decreasing the bed bugs in your mattress helps to decrease the likelihood of respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

So knowing all this about memory foam shows you that they have thought of everything, One hundred percent comfort and one hundred percent quality. Leaving memory foam hitting numbers way off the scale!!

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