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Do you find it difficult to sleep with your husband’s snoring in your ear? Does it disrupt you and leave you tired every morning because you haven’t had the sleep you require? Does he deny it every time you talk to him about his snoring? Does he acknowledge it and have you tried every ailment out there to try tackling it? Nothing working? Well, here is another option to keep that disruptive snoring at bay!

Everyone needs a good supportive mattress which helps the individual needs on one’s body. Snoring is a common sleep issue many people suffer with and one of the possible causes of snoring can be bad posture. Your husband may not even know that he snores and he may not realise just how much it disturbs your sleep. Maybe he does know and it may even disturb his own sleep? Now you can help him (and yourself too).

Using memory foam mattresses and pillows can help the snoring issues because the memory foam (visco-elastic foam) moulds to the contours of your own body. The foam reacts to temperature and body heat which helps shape it to those contours and help retain a comfortable resting position. If your husband lies flat on his back you may find that having a more comfortable mattress means there are more positions he can lie in and eradicate the snoring problem!

Standard and conventional mattresses are well known to absorb dust from the air, which in turn can cause respiratory problems such as; asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and many others. Memory foam has this anti allergen layer which helps prevent allergens and irritants, which can also help your husband’s snoring.

Memory foam helps to ease the pressure points of your body and this improves circulation around your body. Snoring can be caused by this lack of circulation too, so memory foam has you covered by tackling more than one cause of snoring helping you to get the quiet, peaceful, comfortable sleep you have longed for, for so long!

Worry no more about tossing and turning at night, the special visco elastic foam moulds to your shape, whatever position you lie in at night you can guarantee the ultimate slumber, the best sleep you have ever had. Your body is perfectly cocooned regardless of size, shape or sleeping position. Your husband’s snoring problems are tackled and he wakes up feeling more refreshed without even realizing it! You can finally drift off to the ‘land of nod’ with that special peaceful smile upon your face!

Sleep quietly, sleep peacefully, sleep comfortably and just sleep with memory foam!

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