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So now you have the memory foam mattress you have always dreamed of. Now your body doesn’t suffer from a restless night’s sleep because it is cocooned into a haven of protection which is provided by the foam of your mattress.

However, you are still having aches and pains in your neck? So now you need a memory foam pillow, give your head, neck and shoulders the same perfection as the rest of your body.

Memory foam pillows work in the exact same way as the memory foam mattresses, they have all the same qualities and technologies as the mattress, offer the same comfort and protection, but are for your head instead of your body.

The problem with conventional pillows is that they are all made in the same way, you can opt for a softer or firmer pillow but that is exactly how they stay. How about a pillow that incorporates both? Memory foam pillows are exactly right for what you need, they mould to your head and neck in the same way the mattress moulds to your body, meaning that it is exactly soft enough and exactly firm enough. Memory foam knows and understands what your body needs.

Standard pillows will often flatten out after a few months which can then cause the return of problems to your neck and shoulders but with memory foam you can be assured that the support your body will receive will eradicate any problems you suffer with in your neck back or shoulders. Keeping your spine at the correct angle is vital in having the correct posture. The pillows can help to ensure that your spine is at the correct angle, which is where the problem lies with standard pillows. You may buy a new one and it is fantastic for the first few nights, but then it flattens out and your head is not at the right angle compared to your spine which can lead to neck and back problems. It is quite often known that people wake up with a ‘stiff neck’ and this is usually because ‘you have slept funny’. Well it doesn’t matter how you sleep on memory foam pillows because your neck will always have the exact support it needs.

Sleep right and sleep well with memory foam. The pillows can be obtained at a very reasonable price and are not expensive as memory foam used to be many years ago. Memory foam is exactly what your body needs and what better to accompany your perfect mattress with the perfect pillows?

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