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Over the past few years we have witnessed the world go on an environmentally friendly craze and memory foam mattresses have not been forgotten.

The ever growing popularity of memory foam meant that so many people were wanting to try this new mattress that everyone was talking about but were being put off because it is a very synthetic material made with chemicals and therefore not very eco friendly.

However, as always when there is a gap in the market it is easily filled and now you can buy more eco friendly memory foam, truly making it accessible for everyone!

The new eco friendly memory foam works In the same way as the original, the quality and value for money is not affected at all, the only difference is the way in which it is made.

Most or all of the chemicals have been replaced by natural alternatives, usually plant extracts which means that the end product will be more biodegradable or easily to recycle than the original memory foam, making it safer for the environment and allowing you to still keep an eye on your carbon footprint.

Organic memory foam can come with the following features;

  • It can offer you dust mite protection
  • Anti-mildew and Anti-static
  • Luxurious and supportive comfort
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Made with natural ingredients.

Memory foam is being talked about across the globe and offers help and protection from many aches and pains linked to bad sleep. Memory foam helps support your body enough to ensure that you get into the deep sleep stage, which may not always be possible with a standard mattress and your comfort isn’t kept all night. Memory foam contours to your body shape and cocoons your shape, pushing it into that sleep that you so desperately need.

On top of this now though you can expect the organic, eco friendly security that you always long for. You can buy these magnificent mattresses and still feel safe that you are doing your bit for the environment.


Organic products have increased in popularity and this spurred for the creation of a more organic memory foam mattress , making memory foam perfect for all walks of life. If you like to consider your carbon footprint you can be assured that these mattresses are as eco friendly as you like and can be recycled.

Invest in an Organic memory foam mattress today and be assured that you receive all of the benefits associated with the special foam including its body contouring technology, its orthopedic technology and the temperature regulating technology, and you are also getting the guarantee of a safer more environmentally friendly produced product.

The stuff dreams are made of!

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