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Are you happy with your old mattress or fancy something new , something with better technology? Technology in a mattress? Sounds silly doesn’t it.. well it’s not. Memory foam has many qualities that have been scientifically tested and approved to create a mattress that holds special technologies which fully help your body to relax and rejuvenate.

Standard mattresses often come in the following mattress types; Pocket Sprung, Continuous coil mattresses and open coil mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses have springs sewn into individual pockets and each coil can absorb your weight individually. They are the second most popular choice of mattress after memory foam because each spring absorbs your weight equally equalling less pressure on your spine.

Continuous coil are a popular cheap variety of mattress, they have one single coil in the inside and can be uncomfortable after a while, if you move in around in your sleep your partner is likely to feel it, and eventually you will both end up in the middle of the bed.

Open coil mattresses are made of single springs which are fixed together by one wire. Open coil mattresses also have the same disadvantages as the continuous coil and can lead to the bed dipping in the middle eventually.

However, after some wear and tear any mattress that has springs is likely to decrease in comfort. Unfortunately spring mattresses also mean that after a while you have to flip them over to get the most comfort out of it.

Memory foam is better for your pressure points, for your bones, for your health and for your sleep, and most importantly your pocket. Most memory foam mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee, and even if they are more expensive than conventional mattresses they do not need replacing as much as the other standard mattresses, so in the long run your mattress will be cheaper if it is memory foam.

Memory foam is similar to pocket sprung mattresses, without the annoying springs. The visco-elastic foam used in memory foam mattresses means that your weight is equally absorbed and pressure points relieved. The memory foam moulds to your individual body shape providing you with comfort and ease to your body and pressure points regardless of what position you choose to sleep in! This cant be offered with conventional mattresses, there are some positions in which you will always feel the springs.

It is vital in a healthy routine to have a mattress that gives you exactly what you need. Memory foam helps prevent aches and pains, helps regulate your temperature, helps keep you comfy whatever the position and ultimately gives you the peaceful deep sleep your body craves.

Invest in a memory foam and make those standard mattresses a thing of the past!!

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