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The type of mattress you choose to sleep on can be a matter of preference.  Just like some people prefer hot weather while others love the brisk chill of a fall day, individual opinions on mattresses vary.  There are some sleep issues, however, that can only be addressed well by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.  Let’s look at some of them:

One of the most prominent is called “partner disturbance”.  Do you sleep with someone who makes restless movements throughout the night or perhaps gets up several times to use the bathroom or get a drink?  The motion that the bed makes when this occurs usually disturbs the sleep of the other person by rocking, rolling or bouncing them awake.  This is caused due to the ways the springs of a coil sprung mattress interlock so that any movement made by one person is relayed through the springs of the mattress and throughout the bed, waking or disturbing the second sleeper.

Memory foam mattresses are uniquely made to minimise or eliminate partner disturbance.  The thick, visco-elastic nature of a memory foam mattress allows it to dampen all of the movements made by another person on the bed.  This replicates a bed where you are the only sleeper, a truly wonderful experience if you have a sleep partner who thrashes around at night or tends to wake up often.  The foam can even have a muffling effect on other vibrations that may occur during the course of a night.  Some people live close to airports, train tracks or even busy roads that transmit the motion of vehicles through the walls and floors of your home.  Memory foam will minimise that vibration and allow you to achieve restful, satisfying slumber as if you were the only sleeper in the world.

Another issue that stems from having two sleepers in the same bed is the difference in preference between firm or soft mattresses.  One partner inevitable is forced to sleep on a mattress that does not offer them the support or softness that they desire.  Again, a memory foam mattress is so sensitive to temperature that it is able to conform to the individual curves and angles of each body, so that both people on the mattress are fully supported according to their own needs.  Not only does this eliminate pressure points and sore and aching muscles and joints at night, it can eliminate arguments over the comfort of the mattress as well, leading both partners to sleep well and awaken rejuvenated and, what is more important, in a good mood!

These are just two of the many problems that can really only be solved by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.  Many people with allergies and sinus issues find that only a memory foam mattress allows them to diminish the dust mite population to the point where they have relief.  To find out all the benefits of a memory foam mattress, check out all the details on the website!

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