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Millions of people suffer every day with debilitating neck and back problems.  In fact, lower back pain is the number one complaint in doctor’s offices today.  Back pain can be attributed to many causes.  Upper back pain is related to poor postural positioning of the neck, usually caused by long hours at a desk or perhaps standing bent over a counter or table.  This causes the muscles to become weakened and stretched out over a period of time.  Eventually, this can lead to degenerative arthritis that, besides causing a great deal of pain, can also lead to restricted motion and, importantly poor sleep quality.

Lower back pain is most often caused by an issue with the lumbar muscle that runs along the left and right side of the lower back.  If you have an issue with this muscle, you may find it difficult to stand and walk, to turn over in bed, or even to cough or sneeze.  Sometimes people think they have a pinched nerve, but the problems is really this muscle.

Some people that experience soreness in their backs find the pain localized into tender spots scattered around the back, spinal area, shoulders and neck called pressure points.  When people who suffer from pressure points sleep on a regular mattress, the firmness presses into the tender areas and causes them to toss and turn at night, disrupting their natural patterns of sleep and leading to wakefulness and even sometimes to mood disorders and an inability to concentrate.

Memory foam, with it’s heat sensitive properties, naturally conforms to the gentle curves of your spine and, while it supports your curves where necessary, does not put any additional stress or pressure on sensitive areas.  People with pressure points find them much relieved after sleeping on a memory foam mattress or pad.  In addition, the gentle support of the foam allows overstretched muscles to relax and return to their natural position, providing relief from chronic strain and pain.

Besides the ability to coax your spine and the muscles of your back into their proper alignment, sleeping on a memory foam mattress just plain feels wonderful.  Used in some of the finest five star spas and hotels, memory foam provides a luxurious experience for the deepest, most relaxing sleep possible.  Many people find that getting a full night of deep, complete slumber goes a long way toward taming aches, pains and even mood disorders as well as erasing mental fog.  They wake feeling mentally and physically refreshed and ready to take on the day with renewed vigour.

If your back has been feeling achy or if you are feeling sore, try sleeping on a memory foam mattress or pad.  It will soothe your pain, renew your muscles and let you release your body into a deep and restful slumber that is hard to achieve on stiff, lumpy traditional mattresses or unsupportive water mattresses.  Many times, just this type of uninterrupted sleep helps people with back problems to find their pain diminished and their backs and spines more flexible and rejuvenated upon waking. So wake up with to a new feeling tomorrow -- sleep on memory foam tonight.

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