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Are there lumps, sags, bags or depressions in your old mattress?  Improper support is just one of the reasons a mattress that has outlived it’s usefulness can impact your ability to get a good night’s rest.  Mattresses that have retained impressions of your body from where you habitually sleep at night can cause constant rolling towards a central location, especially if there are more than one person in the bed.  This disrupts sleep through motion, not to mention the fact that it places your spine in an unnaturally curved position so that you wake with extra stress on your vertebra and musculature.  Not a recipe for restful sleep.

Do you wake up with sinus headaches, itchy or watery eyes, a scratchy throat or palate and a feeling of stuffiness?  You might be reacting to the dust or dust mites that have accumulated in your old mattress.  House dust mites are no laughing matter; these mites have been identified as a potential cause of high asthma death rates in the U.K.  It can also be responsible for a condition called “allergic march” that begins in childhood with the appearance of eczema and skin rashes; progresses to food allergies around 1-2 years of age; morphs into rhinitis around age 3 and becomes full-fledged asthma by age 7.  Dust mites have been pointed out as a vector for almost all parts of this debilitating condition and one of dust mites’ favourite places to live is in your mattress and pillows.  Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are made of visco-elastic material that is naturally hypo-allergenic.  This material is a natural deterrent to dust mites and tends to repel the gathering of dust as well.  A cleaner, dust-free mattress leads to sounder sleep, less allergies and waking up refreshed and full of energy in the morning rather than puffy, itchy and tired.

A final reason to consider upgrading to a memory foam mattress is that advances in mattress technology have almost certainly been made since you purchased your mattress.  If your mattress is eight, ten, fifteen or even twenty years old it may already be past the date the manufacturer considers it to still be effective for supportive sleep.  Memory foam mattresses have taken the most advanced technology possible, NASA’s space age visco-elastic foam, to create a mattress that is the most supportive and comfortable on the market.  Don’t keep on spending your nights tossing and turning on an ageing mattress that can’t possible offer you the kind of comfort and support that a memory foam mattress can.  Time to toss your old mattress in the bin and make way for a whole new way to sleep.  With temperature-sensitive foam that contours to your individual curves and position, this mattress minimises pressure points and aligns your spine for the most restful, regenerative sleep possible.  What’s more, the more comfortable the mattress, the faster you’ll get to sleep at night. So start counting those sheep now on your new memory foam mattress!

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