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A memory foam mattress is often considered to be the most comfortable form of mattress available. Every person has a different reason for needing a comfortable but supportive mattress, such as back or joint pain, roll together between partners, or just simply wanting to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The Memory foam mattress has it all.

The mattress is made from a specialised material which moulds to the individual body shape due to heat conducted from the body and therefore no matter who sleeps on the mattress it is always perfectly formed to them. This helps to ease pressure points and saves waking with an aching back or joints. Waking up and not feeling achy also helps to feel good throughout the day.

Roll together is a big problem for many couples, particularly if one of the partners is much larger than the other. When using a standard spring mattress for example, it can cause a shallow dent to form in the mattress and the smaller partner will find themselves rolling in to it, hence the term ‘roll together’. The memory foam mattress does not behave in the same manner. If a couple is lying side by side the foam will keep its form and shape and only the parts of the mattress in contact with the body will ‘soften’ and mould to fit the shape. There is no roll together, therefore offering a more comfortable night’s sleep for both partners.

A memory foam mattress is the King and Queen of comfort for a wide variety of reasons. Due to its unique material, the memory foam mattress is also great no matter what the weather. The mattress is breathable, therefore when it is a hot summer’s night there is no risk of overheating as the mattress absorbs the body heat but does not cause the body to sweat which can cause restlessness at night and because it absorbs the heat it is also warm on colder winter nights too. No matter what the season you are assured of a comfortable night’s sleep.

A restless night, broken sleep or just being uncomfortable during the night can all lead to feeling grumpy and miserable the next morning.  However a good night’s sleep is the ticket to good health. Waking up feeling refreshed means your mind is clearer, you are more organised and much more focused on the day ahead. Your body no longer aches and moving around is easier, your reaction times are better and you are feeling much better about yourself overall.

Memory foam mattresses are available in a variety of sizes to suit all beds, and a variety of depths too.  A full depth mattress can be a little more expensive but are often a better solution for those with long term aches and pains. The mattress topper which usually starts at a minimum of 1 inch thick is better for light use, or can be placed on a guest bed when you want to impress visitors with how comfy your beds are.

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