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A memory foam mattress is one of the best ways of making sure that you get good quality sleep.   It is so often the case that we do not realise that the sleep we are getting is less than good quality.  We become used to our own sleeping patterns and do not know that we can actually break them if we want to.  How many of us spend precious time each night simply trying to get comfortable?  This is because the pressure points created by a standard mattress can make it very difficult to get into the right position for a relaxed sleep.  It can also be because our spines are not aligned properly and we need to find a position where we are not feeling any discomfort.

This type of sleep can also be somewhat disjointed.  Being uncomfortable can lead a person to be a very light sleeper and as a result the slightest noise will wake you up.  This is not good quality sleep and some people may even feel the next day as though they have had no sleep at all.  This is not the best way to face the day and those of us who have a busy home life or work life will find that they are less able to cope with the challenges.

So how can memory foam help?  The first thing is that when you lie down on it the temperature-sensitive material will become softer and will mould to your body.  This means that it is supporting you in all the right places.  It helps to keep the spine and neck aligned so reducing the possibility of back ache and there are no pressure points created on joints such as the hips.  This is one of the reasons why hospitals and care homes use memory foam products for patients who need to spend long periods lying down.   When you get up again from the mattress the temperature returns to normal and the mattress goes back to its original shape, hence the term ‘memory foam’.

Good quality sleep is a feature of the memory foam mattresses.  Being able to get comfortable quickly is a must and it is so easy to do on the mattresses.  This means that you have more time for sleep, so instead of battling to get 5 or 6 hours a night you are more likely to achieve 7 or 8 hours.  This is essential for feeling refreshed the next day.  It can also be beneficial for those who are suffering from stress or depression as you feel much more able to take on the day ahead.

Financially a memory foam mattress is also a very good investment and one of our products is sure to last you for a number of years.  They have been designed to outlive a standard mattress so whichever one you choose, you are getting great value for money.

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