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Fidgeting during the night time is the most common reasons why people tend to wake up and not get much sleep during the night. There can be many different reasons for moving around, the most common being the lack of comfort. Comfort is often a very overlooked aspect of getting a good night's sleep and natural solutions should always be sought prior to seeking medicinal treatments.


Spring mattresses


People with spring based mattresses are much more prone to movement, especially if they are old. The springs in a mattress will often cause large amounts of pressure on the body, especially the back and neck. These pressure points can cause aches and pains, which can lead to serious health issues and problems with posture. These aches and pains, although sometimes they can't be felt, will lead people to move around whilst they are asleep, which can cause waking. In order to solve problems with waking up during the night people should try to limit their movements. One of the other problematic elements of spring based mattresses is that they will often cost a lot more than memory foam mattresses in the long run. This is because they will have a much shorter lifespan.


Memory foam mattresses


People who don't like the feeling of spring based mattresses will often use memory foam in order to solve their problems. Memory foam can be very beneficial for a number of different reasons. The material itself will mould to the body; which will allow people to find a more naturally comfortable position. Even if it's on a subconscious level. When people are more comfortable they will stop moving around during the night. Due to the supportive nature of memory foam it is also often recommended for orthopaedic reasons and people who suffer from back and neck problems.


Why people should get more sleep


Not getting enough sleep can be very problematic. When people don't get enough sleep they will have issues getting by in general day to day life. There can be numerous psychological problems that could occur, such as; impaired reaction speeds and lack of concentration. The physical issues that could occur include; tiredness and lack of tissue regeneration. The body relies on sleep to regenerate muscles and is especially important among people who perform regular exercise.


Buying a memory foam mattress


Memory foam mattresses can be purchased either over the internet or in retail stores. The prices will range drastically depending on a number of different factors, including the size and model of the mattress and the where it is purchased from. Generally speaking the online merchants will offer much better value for money. The main reason why memory foam mattresses can be much cheaper when they are purchased over the internet is because most online stores won't have large overhead costs. This is because they won't have to pay fees out for a store location and a larger amount of employees.

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