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I used to wake up with a lot of aches and pains every morning with my old mattress. My doctor advised me to invest in a new mattress because she could not find anything else that was giving me the aches and pains apart from my mattress. I took the doctor’s advice and bought a new mattress that was recommended to me by a colleague. I had seen some commercials and I had read about it in the internet so I thought I should give the Memory Foam mattress a try. I created time and went to the store where I made an order of the mattress that I wanted and had it brought to my home. The mattresses were so many and they were available in a lot of shapes and sizes as well as models and colors. I chose the one that I liked and I looked forward to sleeping on it 2 days later when they said that it would expand and go to the size that it should be. The mattress had been compressed to make it easier to transport.

The first night that I spent on the mattress was heavenly. I had never had such a night. I felt as if I was floating on air. I did not have to wait up almost half of the night for sleep to take over and I also did not have to wake up several times in the night to adjust myself on the bed. It was the best sleep I could remember having. When I woke up in the morning, the usual aches and pains were not there. I felt refreshed and energized to face a new day and I felt really good. It was as if, I had not done any work in weeks. The mattress is what I had been missing all those years of waking up with pain and aches in my body. I was not going to enjoy the comforts of this mattress alone. I recommended it to my friends and family and I bought it for all my family members. Now we have better mornings at home.

I feel like the Memory Foam mattress was made with me in mind. This is because it fits my body perfectly well. I do not have to position myself in a position that I will feel comfortable. When I got onto my bed, the mattress positions itself in a way that will ensure my comfort. I do not have to worry about the mattress attracting dust because it is dustproof and I also do not have to worry about it caching fire in case of an accident because it has a fire retardant material built in to it. When it is hot, the mattress cools me down and when it is cold, it maintains a temperature that keeps me warm. My old mattress used to kill me with heat when the weather was hot and with cold when it was cold outside. Because of Memory Foam, I do not remember what aches and pains in the morning used to feel like.

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